Welcome to Mt Pilot Estate Vineyard

We are serious about protecting the environment we work in. The aerial photo shows our vineyard intermingled with remnant vegetation, a native bush area, wood lot plantations, a small lemon grove, pasture for grazing and water storage areas. When constructing the vineyard we left trees in the middle of the vineyard, retained native grasses and have locked up 30% of our land for conservation to protect our thin granite soils and fragile ecosystem. We work with the environment to produce Intense Wines of Rare Distinction.

The vineyard is located at 300 m altitude in the harsh granite hills of Eldorado. Stunning sunsets and panoramic views of the Oven’s valley can be enjoyed from many aspects of the vineyard with rocky outcrops providing a stark contrast against the softness of the vine canopy. Irrigation water is sourced from a 30 mg dam that relies on at least average rainfall to fill.

This vineyard has endured extremely dry conditions during the last ten years, with the last five the driest on record. Given the unpredictable nature of this climate, water is very precious and in order to produce the exceptional quality fruit that is characteristic of Mt Pilot Estate wine, a minimal watering regime is applied.

The soils are granite sand with very little clay and they are very low in fertility. As such, additional nutrients are routinely applied. Given this environment, the vines have restricted vigour and very little spraying is required to control fungal disease.